Data, Insights and Analytics

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All the industries are seeking to make sense of data available from multiple sources to develop actionable insights. Sources cab be structured or non structure, like multimedia, wearable devices, mobiles, social media, sensors, GPS, machine logs, and images, along with traditional data sources as ERP and other softwares. Analytics, therefore, is of strategic importance to organizations, helping them to assess the business environment accurately and predict future trends.

HYS team design innovative solutions for superior business outcomes and help you execute effective data-driven strategies.

We help organizations analyze their operational, business, and external data to gain insights, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to the market. This covers customer analytics, sales and marketing analytics, regulatory and compliance analytics, supply chain analytics, social media analytics, and web analytics. We provide end-to-end services across the entire analytics value chain—data management, reporting, BI- Dashboard, data Integration, marketing analytics. customer analytics and market research

Data Management:

Well-organized back office data management is the need of the hour for most businesses. Organizations need to use control over the daily volumes of data that aggregate in paper and electronic form. Without proper data management systems in place, organizations would end up having inaccurate and defective data, missing data and misplaced data in their databases that can lead to huge issues in critical business decision making. Accurate processing and management of raw data on a regular and prompt basis ensures that companies can devote their valuable time on more mission-critical tasks.

Benefits of Reporting:

  • Increased understanding of risks and opportunities
  • ighlighting the link between financial and non-financial performance
  • Encouragement of long-term management strategy and policy, and business plans
  • Enhance the processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • Benchmarking and evaluating sustainability performance with respect to laws, norms, codes, performance standards, and voluntary initiatives
  • Avoiding being concerned in exposed environmental, social and governance failures
  • Comparing performance internally, and between organizations and sectors
  • Qualifying – or reversing – negative environmental, social and governance impacts
  • Improving reputation and brand loyalty
  • Enabling external stakeholders to understand the organization’s true value, and tangible and intangible assets
  • Demonstrations how the organization influences

Descriptive (Post-Mortem) analytics:

Nowadays, adoption of analytic techniques is need of the market as big data increased the volume of data. Descriptive analytics describes the past. It uses data aggression and data mining techniques to get an insight into the past and tries to answer the question, “What has happened?” These insights help the business make better plans and succeed in the future. Descriptive statistics summarizes the sample and the observations that have been made. Such summaries can be either quantitative or visual. Quantitative summaries are in the form of summary statistics and visual summaries are in the form of graphs to provide more simplicity. It is used for almost all management reporting, such as marketing, sales, finance, and operations.

Predictive Modeling: Predictive modeling is a technique which used to predict the future and many industries are extensively use predictive modeling for predictive analysis to make a better sale graph in future, like customer management relationship, auto insurance and health care etc.

Prescriptive Analytics with Optimization Modeling

Optimization entails deciding how to best leverage limited assets, time and resources in situations with varying levels of uncertainty. Literally everyone applies prescriptive analytics in their daily life and may not realize it or may not be using a mathematical model. Common prescriptive applications include staffing projects, determining budget usage, setting prices, deciding to pursue a proposal, managing a financial portfolio or running a business.

HYS Consulting team has a professional way to serve with best analytics technique as per the business need, senior resources will be involving to have requirement gathering with the clients, requirement sessions would not be one-way communication in order to accomplish the business requirement.